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Flex-Seal Couplings LTD, the leading manufacturer of flexible couplings in NEEDED! 30 MIN! 600 PSI THIS KIT IS FOR UP TO DIA. 3 PIPE Concrete & Manholes Corrugated SDR-35 Clay OTHERS QwikSeal Advantages Meets ASTM C 923 When tested in Concrete Manholes:


Ductile iron C110/A21.10 flanged fittings are rated for 150 or 250 psi water working pressure as listed in the tables. Long radius and reducing elbows, reducing on-the-run tees, side outlet fittings, eccentric reducers and laterals are ANSI B16.1 Class 125 fittings. Ductile iron Class 125 fittings are furnished manufacturer''s

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Tensile Strength (psi) 1000 ASTM D412 Volatile Loss (221⁰F, max %) 6 ASTM D1203 Elongation at Break (%) 250 ASTM D412 Tear Strength (Min lbf/in.) 150 ASTM D624 Water Absorption (% ∆ in Wt. Max) 20 ASTM D471 Chemical Resistance (48h at 74°F) 1 N Sulfuric Acid Absorption no wt. loss ASTM D543 1 N Hydrochloric Acid Absorption no wt. loss


Steel, cast iron, asbestos cement, plastic and other types of pipe. SS2. Full circumferential, two-section stainless steel repair clamp (available with tapped outlet). Nominal Sizes. 4 - 14 inches. Working Pressure. Up to 150 psi. Pipe Compatibility. Steel, cast iron, asbestos cement, plastic and other types of pipe.

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Swivel Joint Type V. Swivel Joints Type V are designed as straight union and 90° elbow union, with male (N), (S) threaded ends and as olive type tube fitting (C) with 24° sealing cone. Nominal diameter: ¼” / DN8 to 1½” / DN40. Working pressure P max: vacuum up to 6.000 psi / 420 bar *. Working temp.

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Hoses. Concrete Pump Supply offers every hose you need to get the job done! All hoses are crimped in house with heat treated stems. Our hose is produced in factories in Europe with over 60 coined years of experience making concrete hose. We carry all diameters of hose (ranging from 1.5″ to 5″) in both steel-reinforced and textile.

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A 150-N child hangs from a rung that is 0.20 of the length from the top. Determine the tension in the tie rope and the components of the force on the foot of the ladder. Ans. FT 0:12 kN, FRH 0:12 kN, FRV 0:25 kN 5.22 Fig. 5-20 Fig. 5-21 5.23 A truss is made by hinging two uniform, 150 …

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Oilfield Vacuum Corrugated 150 PSI Hose. Designed for oilfield waste pit recovery service. Ideal for handling crude oil, salt and freshwater, tank bottoms, and drilling mud up to 35% aromatics.Tube is designed to handle diluted solutions of hydrochloric acids and diesel fuels. Corrugated construction makes this hose more flexible.

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Underground PVC Pipe Fittingsfor Drain, Waste, and Vent. With thinner walls than Schedule 40 fittings, these are lighter in weight and have more space on the inside for high-flow appliions, such as underground gravity-flow sewer and storm drainage lines. They are also known as …

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Flex fatigue resistance 10 Tear strength and tensile strength 11 between 150°–250°C, but there is little change in silicone rubber even at 250°C. Silicone rubber withstands high and low temperatures far better Conc. Hydrochloric acid 25 x 168 +3 +4 -40 -20


Sealing Association Technical Handbook 7th edition Non-Metallic Expansion Joints and Flexible Pipe Connections. 2 770.413.5680 / precisionhose Single Arch Rubber Expansion Joints 1" OA 3-1/2" 6" L All SA style joints come standard with ANSI 150# solid floating (psi)-3,-4 Max Vacuum (in. of Hg)-5 Exp. Joint + Flanges Control Unit

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10 – 150 PSI standard pipe systems • Sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid • Abrasion resistance was key attribute • 2”-6” installation of pipe • Socket fusion preferred, as the fusion joint is stronger: Case History – Socket Fusion Pipe: Pipes, flex tubing, fittings, valves,

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Technical Information. Suction & Discharge Hoses: H0060 - ARMOR Corrugated Petrochemical Hose. Tube: UHMW–PE FDA-approved material Reinforcement: 2-wire braid, dual stainless steel static wire Cover: Corrugated EPDM Temp: -40°C to +121°C, (-40°F to +250°F) *Intermittent Pressure: 35 bar / 500 psi H0554 - ARMOR Petrochemical Hose

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The regulations of this chapter shall govern the installation of fuel gas piping in or in connection with a building, structure or within the property lines of premises up to 5 pounds-force per square inch (psi) (34 kPa) for natural gas and 10 psi (69 kPa) for undiluted propane, other than service pipe. Fuel oil piping systems shall be installed in accordance with NFPA 31.

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4/1/2017· Metallic gaskets for pipe flanges: ring-joint, spiral-wound, and Jacketed per ASME B16.20. 2" - 24" Gasket - ring, for ANSI Class 250-300 raised face flanges, 1/16 inch thick non-asbestos composition. Miscellaneous. 1" - 12" Bleed Ring - ANSI Class 150, ASTM A285, Grade C, 1 1/2 inches thick, one 3/4" FNPT tap, gasket surface finish 125 AARH.

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allowable working pressure of 350 psi for 4”-18”**pipe and 250 psi for 20” and 24”** sizes. The 30” size is suitable for a 150 psi working pressure. The joint has a maximum allowable deflection of 5° in the 4”-12”, 4° in the 14”, 3° in the 16”-24”, and 2 1/2° in …

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The fixture supply pipe shall terminate not more than 30 inches (762 mm) from the point of connection to the fixture. A reduced-size flexible water connector installed between the supply pipe and the fixture shall be of an approved type. The supply pipe shall extend to the floor or wall adjacent to the fixture.

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Blue Brute™ water pipe has the long-term hydrostatic strength to meet the high safety requirements commonly needed by municipal water systems. This pipe conforms to AWWA C900-07 and FM 1612; Pressure Class 165 psi (DR 25), 235 psi (DR 18)*; 305 psi (DR 14)*; for sizes 4" - 48" in diameter.


Up to 150 psi. Pipe Compatibility HDPE pipe with a minimum wall thickness of SDR26. HDPE PIPE STIFFENING INSERT. HDPE pipe end stiffeners. Ductile Iron, Asbestos Cement, Concrete, PVC & HDPE (PE 4710 & PE 3408) ALPHA EC. Pipe end cap with restraint built in. Nominal Sizes 4 - 16 inches. Working Pressure Up to 350 psi. Pipe Compatibility


loads experienced by a flexible pipe in a trench. 2. Truck loads are based upon a single AASHTO H-20 truck with 16,000 pounds wheel load and an impact factor of 1.5 at all depths. 3. External load design includes calculation of both ring bending stress and deflection. Ring bending stress is limited to 48,000 psi, providing a safety


VESSELS,3'' Dia. x 6''6", Rated 150 PSI @ 225° F, Carbon Absorption Media, 30# Per Ft 3 – ARROW CARBON STEEL TANKS,5'' Dia. x 10'', 280 PSI @ 400 to -30° F, 3'' Dia. x 8.5'', Rated 150-PSI at 400 to -30° F MAWP, w/ Orion Liquid Level Gauge , 4'' Dia x 7'', Rated 260-PSIG at 360° F, w/ Flanged Outlet 2 – 2000 GALLON AIR RECEIVER TANKS, (2011) EE EEl

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Procedures For Old Concrete: sandblast all concrete to remove spalded or deteriorated concrete. Fill all deep spalded areas with C-120 up to a depth of 2″. For areas with deterioration greater than 2″, use a high early cement to fill cavities. Mixing Instructions: Sewer Shield ® 150 is available in pre-measured, pre-proportioned kits. Pour the entire contents of Part B, into the Part A, and mix …

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4 in 6 in 8 in 10 in 12 in 15 in 18 in 24 in 30 in 36 in 42 in 48 in 54 in 60 in. Advanced Drainage Systems 30 in. x 20 ft. N-12 HDPE Watertight Solid Dual Wall Integral Bell Pipe. Part #. A30650020IB. Item #. 2404468. Mfr. Part #. 30650020IB.


JMM manufactures High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) water pressure pipes for municipal and industrial transmission systems. Our pressure pipe is used in many types of appliions such as potable water, PRESSURE PIPE PE4710 DR 7 (333 psi) DR 7.3 (318 psi) DR 9 (250 psi) DR 9.3 (241 psi) DR 11 (200 psi) DR 13.5 (160 psi) 3/4 1.050 0.150 0

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Hose Price Per Foot (over 175 feet $5.00/foot) $4.00. Concrete must be a minimum of 3000 PSI. Using small rock line pump mix at a minimum six inch slump. Per hour time starts 30 minutes before scheduled pour for setup, and ends when the pump is cleaned and hoses are loaded. Mobilization is separate.

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The portable Lancom 200 is AMETEK Land’s dedied solution for sulphuric acid dewpoint monitoring. dry, oil-free air, 4-10 bar (60 – 150 psi) Flow Rate: 1 to 150 l/min (0.05 to 5 cfm) at 4 bar (60 psi), Max. 600 l/min (20 cfm) Air Connection: ISO G3/8 (3/8 BSPP) male thread supplied: Mechanical: Overall Size in Carry Bag: 500 x 225 x 300 mm (20 x 9 x 12 in.) Weight (incl. Bag and

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