5000 psi wp hyperthermia hoses for hydrochloric chemical

UHMWPE Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Chemical Hose

Your Chemical Hose & Metal Hose Supplier - We strive to create a seamless, straight-forward and uncomplied buying experience . Whether you are configuring a hose on our state-of-the-art build your own assely feature, using the helpful tools in our buyers portal, or placing an order, you are in full control.

2 ½" sludge hose

If friction loss goes over 36 pounds, a second line or larger diameter hose should be used. 3 ½” HOSE 4” HOSE 2Q² + Q x 0.17 = FL 2Q² + Q x 0.10 = FL 200 GPM 1.70 1.0 300 GPM 3.50 2.10 400 GPM 6.10 3.60 500 GPM 9.30 5.50 600 GPM 13.20 7.80 700 GPM 17.80 10.50 800 GPM 23.10 13.60 900 GPM 29.0 17.10 1000 GPM 35.70 21.0 4 ½” HOSE 5” HOSE 2Q² + Q x 0.05 = FL 2Q² + …

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Up to 2,100 PSI E E SA SS SiteMax™ Size 4” or 6” 102 or 152 mm 2,000 126 I/sec or 3,000 GPM 189 I/sec 155 FT HEAD 47 m or 205 FT HEAD 62 m SA XH100 Extra High Head Size 6”x 4” 152 x 102 mm 1,250 GPM 79 I/sec 605 FT HEAD 184 m SS Features • Continuous self-priming • Runs dry unattended • Solids handling capabilities • 24-hour

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5000 5000 5000 A2 B2 E2 Filter type Chemical substance Concentration (ppm) K2 5000 Time (minutes) 35 20 40 25 20 Ammonia (NH 40 3) World patented hose which is developed to create water barriers, (max working press. 220 psi) 55 277 87 343 1x.12 in 1x.24 in Nozzle 58 psi 145 psi 66 300 87 psi 79 325

WP Hose | NLB Corporation

WP Hose. NLB stocks a complete line of high-pressure hoses for all popular working pressures, up to 40,000 psi (2,800 bar). All are designed for long life and dependable service. Most hoses are stocked in 25′, 50′ and 100′ lengths (7.6 m, 15.2 m and 30.4 m), and custom lengths are available. The WP line of high pressure hose includes

(Steel Only)

both at water pressure of 2,000 to 5,000 psi. the pressure may be reduced on soft substrates (some soft aluminums), but the highest practical pressure shall be maintained. • A suggested detergent mixture is: 3 quarts water, 1/3 cup Tide, 2/3 cup Trisodium phosphate, plus 1 quart of Clorox bleach if mildew is present.

90ft x 5000 psi drilling armored hose

Choke And Kill Hose and coflex style stainless steel hoses. Choke and Kill hoses are made in lengths up to 150'''' and in pressure ranges from 5,000 psi and up to 10,000 psi w.p with end connections available suited for h2s service and each hose comes with certifie package, hydrostatic test certifies and crated ready for export to your loion.

15000 psi chemical hoses applicable for all chemicals

5000 psi wp chemical hosesa applicable for all chemicals. 5000 psi wp chemical hosesa applicable for all chemicals. QUUIIKKRREETTEE®® 5000000000 CCOONNCCRREETTEE MMMIIXX … 1 day 1500 psi (10.3 MPa) 3 day 2500 psi (17.2 MPa) 7 days 3500 psi (24.1 MPa) 28 days 5000 psi (34.5 MPa) Slump range 2" - 3" (51 - 76 mm) 1 Tested under standard laboratory …

hydrochloric acid transfer hose swiss

Hydrochloric Acid also known as muriatic acid, is an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride. It is a colorless solution with a distinctively pungent smell. In the United States, HCl is typically a ''tight-fill'' (closed-loop) loading operation and is loaded into trucks or rail cars via chemical hoses or by-pass arms. Get Price

Available Inline & 90 ° Swivels

25 in/Hg-5000 P.S.I. MAX* 25 in/Hg-5000 P.S.I. MAX* 25 in/Hg-1500 MAX-15°F TO 250°F +32°F TO 400°F -15°F TO 400°F automatic transmission fluids A A A acetoneC C C airA A A asphaltB A B benzeneA B B brake fluid (glycol) C A B brake fluid (mineral) C A B brake fluid (silicone) C A B carbon tetrachloride A C A

Elastomers Industrial Hose | Engineering360

Redi-Wash ™ is a black EPDM, 150 PSI contractor''s water hose coupled in 50 ft. asselies. This is a durable hose for industrial washdown appliions which include being used as a contractor''s water hose, concrete clean-up and for garden watering. [See More] Material: Elastomers; Ethylene Propylene. I.D.: 0.625.

Installation & Parts Manual PRO SERIES PUMP

30 psi max. dispense line pressure 18 foot max. inlet suction lift maximum hydrochloric acid feed or Tri-cloro feed. CAUTION:- Do not mix chemicals. 3) Connect the injection fitting into the line to be treated. Before placing the ROLA-CHEM pump in operation, lubrie the pump hose with a small amount of

Technical Data Sheet

CHEMICAL StandardPROPERTIES: Test Isocyanate (A) Resin(B) Specific Gravity (grams/cc) ASTM D-792 1.16 1.05 Viscosity, CPS at 77°F (25°C) 150 – 250 600 – 800

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3000 psi, 3.9 gallon per minute flow, lower psi hot water models available; 18 Hp, 2 cylinder, electric start gasoline engine; 20 gallon chemical tank; 7 gallon recirculation tank - keeps pump cool, no need to shut down when off the trigger; 8 gallon gasoline tank; 200’ full wrap, 2-wire, 5000 psi, chemical resistant hose

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3000 psi, 3.9 gallon per minute flow, lower psi hot water models available; 18 Hp, 2 cylinder, electric start gasoline engine; 20 gallon chemical tank; 7 gallon recirculation tank - keeps pump cool, no need to shut down when off the trigger; 8 gallon gasoline tank; 200’ full wrap, 2-wire, 5000 psi, chemical resistant hose

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hydrochloric, nitric, sulphuric, phos phoric and many more, while being able to cope just as psi bar Weight per metre/kg 25 32 50 100 7 1.00 32 40 75 100 7 1.20 38 50 75 100 7 1.40 Hoses should be hydrostatically tested with water to one and a half times maximum working pressure of hose is under pressure and immediately after

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suitable for gases above 250 psi . Hose styles with perforated covers are so noted in their construction descriptions . Warning: Compatibility of hose fittings with conveyed fluid is an essential factor in avoiding chemical reactions that may result in release of fluids or failure of the connection with the

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When coupling chemical and higher risk hoses, 300 psi WP Oil Field Vacuum Hose A tank truck service, including oil field vacuum truck drilling mud, along with diluted solutions of hydrochloric acids and diesel fuels. (Not for use with oil base fluids.) Note: Not recommended for refined petroleum products such as gasoline! Construction:

Merane 67 - Blome

Material Hose to Gun – 6 feet whip end, ½” i.d., working pressure 5,000 psi, burst 16,000 psi Material Hose – 50 feet overall, ¾” i.d., working pressure 4,000 psi, burst 12,000 psi Material Hose – 100 or 150 feet overall, 1” i.d., working pressure 3,000 psi, burst 12,000 psi Air Compressor – 100 cfm @ 100 psi minimum.


Working container capacity / Arbeitskapazität 5000 ml 7000 ml 9000 ml 11000 ml Liquid output / Flüssigkeitsausbeute 0,6 litr/min Maximum working pressure / max. Arbeitsdruck 0,4 MPa (4 bar) (60 PSI) Overpressure protection / Druckschutz Safety valve / Sicherheitsventil Net weight / Nettogewicht 1,80 kg 1,90 kg 2,10 kg 2,20 kg

14 diameter acid resistant flexible hose

Chemical Hose Parker has developed an extensive selection of chemical hoses designed to safely and reliably handle a wide variety of acids and chemicals. Our chemical resistant hose solutions are constructed from only the finest state of the art materials and can withstand the demands of countless demanding industrial appliions.

United Flexible is a global leader in innovative

United Flexible is a global leader in innovative engineered mechanical solutions for fluid conveyance, measurement, actuation and sealing, using rigid and flexible tubes, ducts and bellows made from a variety of advanced materials.

Choke & Kill and Well Service Hoses liner

ContiTech is now offering API 16C hoses with the patented TauroFlon™ liner, giving exceptional chemical compatibility in high pressure, high temperature environments. ContiTech’s TauroFlon™ lined hoses are suitable for conditions up to 15,000psi and 130°C. Made to …

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Hose Type Hose ID Pressure Range (psi) Maximum Available Length Applicable Certifiion Rotary Hose 2" - 6“ 5” 5,000 –7,500 10,000 60m API 7K, FSL 1 / FSL 2 Taurus Design Cement Hose 2" - 4“ 3” 5,000 –15,000 20,000 60m API 7K, FSL 0 Taurus Design Choke & Kill Hose 2" - 4" 5,000 –15,000 60m API 16C Production Oil / Gas Hose 2" - 14"

Merane 68 - Blome

installation of chemical resistant tank linings, floors, pads, trenches, sumps, stacks and ductwork. Merane 68 is resistant to most mineral acids including dilute sulfuric, hydrochloric and phosphoric, as well as caustic solutions. The material exhibits excellent bond strength to properly prepared concrete and steel substrates.

Industrial Hose Hoses For Drilling & Well Service Chemical

Drill String Compensator Hose TECHNICAL DATA Chemical Compatibility Table Crude oil Diesel oil Water based mud Oil based mud Ester based mud Xylene Hydrochloric acid (15%) Hydrochloric acid (37%) Hydrofluoric acid (3%) Hydrofluoric acid (10%) Sodium hydroxide mm in. bar psi bar psi WP mm in. m ft. m ft. kg/m lb./ft.

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