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Continuous-Flex Abrasion-Resistant Heat-Shrink Tubing. Often used in automated appliions such as robotics, this highly flexible silicone rubber tubing withstands continuous motion without cracking and tearing. It resists abrasion and can be dragged over rough surfaces without damage.

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Manufactured from bio-compatible thermoplastic and extruded to precise dimensional tolerances, our Pharm-A-Line I tubing was developed to be compatible with all major peristaltic pumps including Watson Marlow and others.Pharm-A-Line I provides an excellent alternative to silicone tubing when resistance to chemicals (such as acetone or methylene chloride) is a concern.


Multi-Line hose Commonly found in forklift appliions in cold rooms Constant 207 bar working pressure for all sizes. Hytrel core tube and perforated cover. 2 or 3 line 42 3130 General purpose R7 General hydraulics, material handling, pneumatics, and agricultural equipment The original SAE 100R7 design with nylon tube and urethane cover

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Pump sizing involves matching the flow and pressure rating of a pump with the flowrate and pressure required for the process. The mass flowrate of the system is established on the process flow diagram by the mass balance. Achiev-ing this mass flowrate requires a pump that can generate a pressure high enough to overcome the hydraulic resistance

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Farm Pump Hose. 7280. Flex-Ever™ 2000 Gasoline Pump Hose. 3955. Fuel Line & Vapour Emmision. 7165. Wavemaster Barrier Fuel. Blue Thunder UHMW Chemical Suction & Delivery. 9982. Air and Water Delivery AS2660/B. 9984. Fire Resistant Anti- Static Suction. Previous. Become an ENZED HOSE DOCTOR ENZED has franchise opportunities across

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The PolyFLEX ™ 50 / 50B tubing line is made in the U.S. from a semi-rigid low density polyethylene (LDPE) giving it a natural milky white color. This product line contains no plasticizers and very low levels of extractables. It maintains FDA approval and is the most chemically resistant product offered by Finger Lakes Extrusion.

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Usually, a chemical feed system coines pump, tank, valves, gauges, mixer, strainer and relief valves (to allow chemical solution preparation), mixing (if required), and pumping. Mixers. A vertically mounted, shaft-driven impeller is the most common type …

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When hooked to the Chemical Induction Pump we have seen as high as 50% chemical draw rate. There are 4 nozzles that come with the Super Suds Sucker. The one marked #2 is for 2-5 GPM pressure washers, the #3 (already installed) is for 5-8 GPM, the #4 is for 8-10 GPM and the #5 for pressure washers over 10 GPM.

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Calibration Columns. Koflo pump calibration columns (also known as calibration cylinders) provide a simple method for determining pump flowrate using industry-standard graduations of milliliters/minute and gallons/hour. All columns feature top-aligned graduated scales that allow the operator to survey both ml/min and GPH in a single, one-minute

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31/1/2017· Duplex and super duplex are high grade stainless steels which have a high resistance towards corrosion. They are suitable for a wide-range of appliions, including water treatment, seawater, fire pumps, and oil and gas. In particular, they are highly resistant to localised corrosion such as crevice, intergranular and stress cracking.

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PPFDP Drum Pump 4 PPAPR Anti Static Petrol Resistant 4 PPDOM Dominator 5 PPAGS Agspray 5 PPRPU Ragno PU 5 PPFRB Black Fire Reel 5 PPFRY Yellow Fire Reel 5 PPWWA Water Ace 6 PPWHD H.D. Washdown 6 PPHWH Hot Wash Hose 6 PPGAR Waterlite 7 PPGSD Standard Garden 7 PPSUL Purple Sullage Standard 7 PPSUP Purple Sullage Premium 7 PPLWH Leaky Water …

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1/8/2015· A dosing pump is a small, positive displacement pump. It is designed to pump a very precise flow rate of a chemical or substance into either a water, steam or gas flow. A dosing pump will deliver this precise flow rate of chemical or other product by a nuer of different methods but it generally involves drawing a measured amount into a

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PVDF coating (polyvinylidene fluoride) or Kynar® coating is a pure thermoplastic fluoropolymer that is non-reactive and possesses multiple coating benefits. Kynar® coating is a chemical resistant, thick film barrier coating primarily used on chemical processing equipment due to it''s low weight and low thermal conductivity.

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K-LINE (Type 90/Type 30) The 3 in 1 coination cabinet is suitable for unrestricted storage of flammable and aggressive hazardous substances in workrooms with a fire protection of 90 minutes (type 90) or 30 minutes (type 30). Multiple, hermetically separated storage chaers with a fire-resistant centre wall allow safe separate storage of acids, alkalis and flammable …


As specialists in chemical dosing systems Chemfeed can design, manufacture and install innovative chemical dosing solutions for the New Zealand water & wastewater industry, swimming pools, food & beverage industry, dairy and industrial manufacturing. Our nationwide coverage means we also offer excellent support services and can respond quickly

Verderflex® tubing for peristaltic pumps

The standard choice for use in peristaltic tube pumps. This white coloured tube has: Excellent mechanical strength; Wide chemical resistance, excellent strength against oxidising agents (ozone, peroxides and hypochlorides) Temp. range: +10°C to + 85°C (50°F to 185°F) Food Grade Meets FDA criteria; Can be autoclaved

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Peristaltic tubing is fitted in a peristaltic pump – there the rotor with a nuer of rollers or shoes compresses the tubing and forces liquid or semi-liquid substances to move. Peristaltic pump tubing is made of extremely flexible rubber (natural rubber, NBR, CSM, EPDM, silicone and other), resistant to compression, friction and with an adequate level of chemical resistance.

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Resistance to amines or caustics; Resistance to hydrocarbon fluids; Flexibility at low temperature (ability to maintain a seal at low temperature) See the chart below for general performances differences. For more details, see the full Product Selection Guide, the Chemical Resistance Guide, or Contact us.

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1/1/2018· Pump Selection, Example 2. An additional pump selection problem is shown Example 2. For this example, consider a discharge line that is 50 ft schedule 40, 4-in. diameter, with two gate valves, 12 elbows, 1 expander (2–4 in.), a control valve, and a branched tee.

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Chemical Injection Buttweld Access Fitting Assely Model 52. Tests effects of different types of corrosion on downhole tube materials, including general corrosion, crevice/stress corrosion, and pitting. Ruggedly designed flush probe ideal for bottom-of-the-line appliions and pigged lines. Echo Point.

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Chemical resistance data from immersion tests cannot be unconditionally applied to thermoplastic piping components subjected to continuous or frequent mechanical or thermal stresses. When the pipe will be subject to a continuous applied mechanical or thermal stress or to coinations of chemicals, testing

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Plastec Ventilation is a leading provider of fume extraction fans and blowers. Known for offering a comprehensive line of high quality, corrosion, UV, and explosion resistant polypropylene fans and blowers. More Cost Effective Than Competitors. Affordable Corrosion, Chemical and Explosion Resistant Fans and Blowers.

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Chemical Safety Curtains are fabried from industrial grade PTFE coated and PVC materials that we use in our wide-ranging line of safety spray shields, specialty spray shields, and pipe and flange protection products. Safety Curtains are available in “all clear”, or with clear “see-thru” windows for visual inspection of equipment, pumps, or process piping.

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Flexible Chemical Tubing. 1/4" and 3/8" Diameter tubes. We sell to Everyone. Free Delivery. View prices and order online or call 800-658-7716.

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Fireproof High Resistance Polyamide (PA) Tubing. This fireproof tubing coines excellent resistance to pressure, temperature, flame, and guarantees non-toxic smoke resulting from burn-off. The tubing eliminates the need for a stripping tool, thus preventing the risk of tube damage prior to connection.

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Pipeline diameter equals to 100 mm. Relative roughness is taken equal to 4·10 -5. Solution: For pipe with diameter of 100 mm coefficients of local resistances will equal to: For 90° elbow – 1.1; gate valve – 4.1; pipe outlet – 1. Then we determine value of velocity head: w 2 / (2·g) = 1,5 2 / (2·9,81) = 0,125 m.

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