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JGB Hoses - Hoses by Appliion. Extensive line of Industrial, Hydraulic and Specialty hoses. JGB Enterprises, Inc. is a hose asseler of hydraulic and industrial hoses and hose asselies for all appliions. We assele a full line of specialized hoses and fittings, including hydraulic hose, water hose, flexible hose, special appliion hose, and braided hose.


steam, vapor, liquid and two-phase appliions in one simple design when the discharge is to the atmosphere or to a low pressure exhaust system designed to contain the process fluid. Temperature range JOS-E and JLTJOS-E( )5: -20°F to 650°F (-29°C to 343°C)

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Pipe line velocity calculation For liquids For gases and vapours For steam Where: V: Flow velocity (m/sec) Q: Flow rate Liquid (m3/h) Gas [At 15 degrees C, 101325 Pa] (m3/h) = Nm3/h Steam (kg/h) U: Specific volume of valve-outlet (m3/kg) D: Nominal size (mm) P 2: Valve-outlet pressure (kPaA) T: Temperature (degrees C) Data-07 Velocity

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Low-temperature properties of various rubbers JIS K 6261, Section 5 600 400 200 0 2 4 6 8 Time (days) Elongation at break (%) Silicone rubber (150°C) Silicone rubber (250°C) Chloroprene rubber (150°C) Chloroprene rubber (250°C) Heat and cold resistance 100 10 1-100 -80 -60 -40 -20 0 20 40 Temperature (°C) Modulus of rigidity

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Temperature Range: -320 to 800 °F (-196 to 427 °C) and differential pressure up to 800 inH2O. 800 to 1200 °F (427 to 649 °C) and differential pressure up to 400 inH 2O. Pressure tap orientation Orient the 1595 Conditioning Orifice Plate so that the pressure taps are centered between any 2 (of 4) orifice bore holes.

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Temperature Range -30 C to + 232 C IS:10655/99 type 1,2&3 Appliion : Recommended for transfer and handling of all type steam, saturated & superheated up to +232 degree cal. temp. Tube : Synthetic rubber blend.

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Chapter 6 • Viscous Flow in Ducts P6.1 An engineer claims that flow of SAE 30W oil, at 20°C, through a 5-cm-diameter smooth pipe at 1 million N/h, is laminar. Do you agree? A m

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State of the matter. It could be Liquid, Gas or Steam. Flow (qm) Mass of a substance which passes per unit of time. Mass flow in Kg/s units, flowing through the pipe. Temperature (T) Operating Temperature of the fluid in Celsius units.

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Pipe Threads, General Purpose, Inch Twelve Standards from the B16 Series on pipe flanges and fittings B31.1 -- Power Piping B36.10M -- Welded and Seamless Wrought Steel Pipe PTC 25 --Pressure Relief Devices QAI-1 --Qualifiions for Authorized Inspection

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4 CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION TO FLUID FLOW 1.2 Fluids 1.2.1 What is a Fluid? Generally, matter exists in many one of four fundamental states (though there are many

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EN854 3TE. HIGH PRESSURE, TEXTILE REINFORCED HYDRAULIC RUBBER HOSE. INNER TUBE:oil resistant synthetic nitrile rubber. REINFORCEMENT: two layers of fibre braided. COVER:oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber. APPLIION: petroleum-based hydraulic fluids under medium pressure. SURFACE:wrapped surface , smooth surface. TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40

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A pipe is a tube that transports fluid substances. Piping can be made of various materials, including metal and plastic. The piping group is made up of one-to-many pipes, multi-line pipes, separators, and other types of piping devices.

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4″ sch 80 pipe schedule. You can easily convert inch dimension to mm by multiplying it with 25.4 and rounding as follow; Outside diameter above 16 inches rounded to nearest 1 mm. Outside diameter 16 inches and below rounded to nearest 0.1 mm. Pipe wall thickness are rounded to nearest 0.01 mm.

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1. Oil flows in a pipe 80 mm bore di ameter with a m ean ve locity of 0.4 m /s. Th e density is 890 kg/m 3 and the viscosity is 0.075 Ns/m 2. Show that the f low is lam inar and hence deduce the pressure loss per m etre length. 379.7 0.075 890 x 0.4 x 0.08 µ!ud R e Since th is is less th an 20 00 f low is lam inar so Poiseuille s equ ation app


7/1/2013· ORIFICE FLOWMETER. flowmeter da [at digunakan untuk mengetahui material balance suatu proses, sehingga dapat menghitung losses atau gain yang tiul. Alat ukur yang paling penting adalah alat ukur aliran (flowmeter), karena menyangkut perhitungan laba rugi perusahaan, pajak dan royalty. Orifice meter adalah salah satu alat ukur standar untuk

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Use Equation 9.4.17 to calculate the minimum required orifice area for a safety valve used on dry saturated steam, superheated steam, and air and gas appliions at critical flow: Use Equation 9.4.18 to calculate the minimum required orifice area for a safety valve used on wet steam appliions at critical flow; Note: wet steam must have a dryness fraction greater than 0.9:


Page 4 of 19 Rev: 01 July 2011 g. Heat exchangers of which tube sheets and internals have been designed for differential pressure between tube side and shell side. h. Instruments such as control valves, pressure gages, level gages, and flowmeter (excluding thermocouples). 4. Exclusions The followings are excluded from the requirements of this

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4/11/2017· Steam hammer, the pressure surge generated by transient flow of super-heated or saturated steam in a steam-line due to sudden stop valve closures is considered as an occasional load. Though the flow is transient, for the purpose of piping stress analysis, only the unbalanced force along the pipe segment tending to induce piping vibration is calculated and applied on …


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EN 854/ SAE 100 R3, 35 NG CNG HOSE, EN 854 SAE 100 R5, EN 854 SAE 100 R6, EN 856 4SP, EN 856 4SH, EN 856 R12, EN 856 R 13, SAE 100 R-15, SUPERJACK UPTO 10000 PSI,WATER BLAST UPTO 15000 PSIAIR MASTER HOSE,LPG HOSE, & Standard end fittings for hoses. Size: –1/8” to 4” Pressure: – 3000PSI, 6000PSI TO 25000PSI.

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(0.615 min.) 25. An industrial plant uses a centrifugal pump with a discharge capacity of 63 L/sec of water into a closed tank where the pressure is kept at 69 KPag. The suction pipe is 254 mm in diameter and discharge pipe is 203 mm. A pressure gauge placed at the discharge pipe reads 482.5 KPag and a vacuum pressure at suction reads 40.65 KPa.


Temperature range: -450 to +1000°F (-268 to +538°C) Set pressures JOS-E: 5 to 6000 psig (0.35 to 413.79 barg) JLTJOS-E: 15 to 6000 psig (1.03 to 413.79 barg) JBS-E: 25 to 6000 psig (1.72 to 413.79 barg) JLTJBS-E: 25 to 6000 psig (1.72 to 413.79 barg) Code: ASME Section VIII (15 psig (1.03 barg) and above) Specials: Consult factory for specials

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21/12/2017· P&IDs (Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams) and P&ID Valve Syol Library. A piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) is a graphic representation of a process system that includes the piping, vessels, control valves, instrumentation, and other process components and equipment in the system. The P&ID is the primary schematic drawing used for

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Steam at atmospheric pressure is of a limited practical use because it cannot be conveyed by its own pressure along a steam pipe to the points of use. In a steam distribution system the pressure is always more than 0 bar gauge. At 7 bar g ( absolute 8 bar) the saturation temperature of water is 170.42 oC. More heat energy is required to raise

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4 Medium- and High-Pressure MEDIUM- AND HIGH- PRESSURE Swagelok Medium-Pressure, Gaugeable Tube Fittings and Adapter Fittings—FK Series For Pressures up to 20 000 psig (1378 bar) 316 stainless steel construction Temperatures up 1000°F (537°C) Working pressure up to 20 000 psig (1378 bar) Size range—1/4 to 1 in. and

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4.0 log 3.7 Re D ff ε =−+ Zigrang-Sylvester Equation . 10 10 1 / 5.02 / 13 4.0 log log 3.7 Re 3.7 Re DD f εε =−− + Non-Circular Conduits . Not all flow conduits are circular pipes. An example of a non-circular cross-section in heat exchanger appliions is an annulus, which is the region between two circular pipes.

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